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Stress Free Calendar Management

Are you always running from meeting to meeting with no down time or are you someone that is always late for appointments?  Well you’re in luck because below I list some great tips to will help you manage that crazy calendar and put you on the road to stress free days.

By S. Alket Thomas
1 - Saying No – Say no to meetings that do not relate to your job functions or help to improve your job performance.

2 - Plan Ahead – Set up your meetings in advance so you have enough time to prepare.

3 - Preparation – Set a time limit for topics on the agenda and stick to it.

4 - Not the host – Make sure you get a copy of an agenda in advance for a meeting you will attend so that you know the exact time you will be needed. This way, you can enter, participate, then leave and the meeting will still accomplish its goal.

5 - Enough Time – Allot enough time between meetings to check emails, voicemails and return calls. Also take into consideration travel time to and from a meeting.

6 - Cancellations – If you have to cancel or reschedule appointments, do so about two days in advance. Avoid canceling meetings last minute unless it is emergent as it shows lack of respect of others’ time.

Finally, the key to effective calendar management is planning your calendar so you can maintain a comfortable workflow. You will definitely reduce your stress level and become more productive. Also remember to plan ahead and always give your self enough time to accomplish your tasks. You will be on your way in no time.

Virtual Assistant, S. Alket Thomas specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners run their businesses efficiently by handling all of their administrative tasks virtually, without the cost of a fulltime employee.

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