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As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you are going to a conference or meeting with a new client, making a lasting first impression can be vitally important. It’s not just the way to dress that people pick up on, it’s also your attitude and how you carry yourself. These tips can help you make that first impression a positive one.

By Sharon Alexander

 Whether you are going to a conference or meeting with a new client, making a lasting first impression is important. Because most people judge others within the first three seconds of meeting them, how you act, what you say, and how you look will play a large part in your success.Walk Into a Room with Confidence

 When meeting people for the first time, you should walk into the room with your shoulders back and your head held high. Always look people in the eye, repeat their name when shaking their hand and always practice good manners during a lunch meeting or networking situation. If you meet with a lot of people during the day, it's important to show them that you're a professional at all times. By walking into a room feeling and acting confident, those around you will be more eager to conduct business with you. Even if you're not wearing the most expensive suit in the room, how confident you are around others will make a big impact.

Learn When to Speak and When to Listen

During a business meeting, you may have plenty of ideas that you want to share. But before you start talking, make sure people are listening. If someone else is speaking, wait your turn. Interrupting others will only make the meeting longer. People may feel you are too pushy or that you aren't respectful of other people. This is not the impression you want to make, especially at your first business meeting with a new client. By listening to others, you will be able to learn more about the client, situation, or dilemma the client is facing. If there is a pause during the conversation, you should take the initiative and speak. Unless you're running the meeting or you're scheduled to speak first, listening to others carefully instead of talking, making occasional comments, and offering feedback when appropriate can help you make a great first impression with a new client.

 Wear Clothing That's Appropriate

In the age of the casual business environment, many people are confused about what to wear to work, to a conference, or to a client meeting.

 When wearing casual clothing to the office, make sure the clothing is clean, pressed, and free of stains or holes. If you wear clothing that's not appropriate to the office, you will not make a great impression on those you work with.

Even if the client's office has a casual dress code, you will make a great first impression by wearing your best suit. Many companies require that employees wear suits when visiting clients. While you don't have total control over how people judge you once they get to know you, these tips can help you make a great first impression.

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