A-Z Pearls of Wisdom - W

W is for Wellbeing

The role of the PA requires a diverse skill set to be implemented - very often at spinning "Wonder Woman" speed.

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The government is promising to make your credit cards more secure. In fact they are going to require that every card have an embedded chip built-in by fall of 2015...more

More Introspection Is Needed For Long-Term Business Success,  Says Former Naval Officer And Business Leader..more

An OfficeTeam survey may bring new meaning to the ad..more

Profile America — Even in a world increasingly reliant on digital files and printouts, there's still a great need for photocopies. What is now old school was a breakthrough invention of a ma..more



Sitting at the Desk All Day

Hi everyone, I am an executive assistant  to the CEO of a mid size company.  Like many of you, (or I assume).  I don't get enough exercise and have gained a few pounds.  For me.. more

A Basic Thirst for Knowledge is Vital to Your Success

One of the best and easiest ways to simultaneously improve your job qualifications, make yourself more marketable and boost your professional reputation with your employer is to cultivate a basic, dir.. more


Where Will Americans Travel to in 2015?

Where Will Americans Travel to in 2015?

As 2014 draws to a close, Hotels.com® has compiled an analysis of search data, survey findings and data from the Hotel Price Index™ (HPI®) to come up with the Top 10 Travel Predictions f.. more...


Answering Common Questions About Cloud Computing

Answering Common Questions About Cloud Computing

You might have heard a lot about cloud computing, but what is it really? Cloud computing refers to being able to access infrastructure, software..... more...


The Art of Professional Self-Assessment

The Art of Professional Self-Assessment

Typically job seekers start their search in the middle by drafting a resume, simply listing all their experiences in reverse chronological order..... more...


Office Gossip and How to Handle It

Office Gossip and How to Handle It

It is a fact of life, and a basic part of human nature that "people will talk." And not only will they talk about the weather, their meals and their daily lives, they will also..... more...

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