10 hot tips to getting the boss to sponsor your training

You've identified a course you want to take, and now it's time to ask your boss - and your organisation - for support. Whether you want to take a short sharp course to boost your skills or a longer professional qualification, here are some tips to help you secure the support you need.

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  1. Show your boss what your training will do for your effectiveness in the company. Be clear about what the outcomes will be and how it will affect your performance.

  2. Show your boss how you'll be able to take more work off him or her, leaving them with more time for other 'more important' things. (Don't forget: massage your boss's ego!)

  3. Show that you've researched all the options and be clear about the reasons for your choosing the training provider you have and the course you want to do. Find out why they are extra good value for money; talk to another student who has done the course and see how it boosted their capabilities on the job.

  4. Be clear about what exact support you'll need. Are you looking for the organisation to fund the entire course and give you a day every week off to study? Or do you want them to cover just the tuition, course materials and exam fees? Work out costs up front, in terms of time and money, and work out what you want the organisation to cover.

  5. Show how you'll manage the studying. If it will mean you taking time out during the working day, be clear about how you've arranged things so that it doesn?t interfere with it.

  6. If you need to get the co-operation of work colleagues to cover for you, find out if there's anything you can do for them. For example, could you offer to hold the fort while they attend their child's school play or Christmas concert?

  7. Show what this will do for your career long term with the company. If you can show that you've thought about your long term prospects, and commitment to the company, it will show loyalty and commitment. These are things bosses like, even if they are keen to move on themselves.

  8. It will make them look good as managers who take an interest in developing their staff and looking after their careers.

  9. Make the boss think it was his or her idea!

  10. Show the bottom line. IF you can work out any figures or facts which will show what affect your increased learning will have on the company in any way, you're more likely to get what you want!

Above all, Show how your additional training will benefit THE COMPANY

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