10 hot tips for studying long distance…

It can be hard to motivate yourself when you're studying from home, so here are some helpful tips:

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  1. Find out what the learning provider does, if anything, to bring students together.
  2. Check to see whether there's a residential component. Many of the Open University's courses, for example, include one week with all the other students on your course.
  3. Does the provider offer any facility for a students' forum, for example on their web site?
  4. Make sure you know what equipment you'll need before you start, in terms of having a pc with the right packages, for example, or a video machine, email and Internet access.
  5. Be sure you know what support is available to you while you're studying?
  6. Try to link up with students in your area to get the flavour of student life.
  7. Make full use of the resources available locally. Can you get access to the libraries in your area, such as those of universities and colleges of further education?
  8. Plan your study time well.
  9. Why not find out if the provider will put you in touch with another student on the course so you can help each other out?
  10. Set yourself weekly goals, so that you know what you want to accomplish each week, however small a step it is to your final accreditation.
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