Boosting your chances of success?
Do your research!

Do your homework! That's the strong message coming over from those involved in recruitment. Research is important for 2 reasons. First, it impresses prospective employers. Second, it means you're more likely to know what's right for you. Both these boost your chances of success in landing the right role with the right company.

There are various ways to do your research, including:
  1. Visit the organisation's web site!
    This will contain information on its:
    • Mission statement and goals (do they fit with yours, or at the very least, hold an interest for you?).
    • Company news, with press releases and details of their recent achievements which you can refer to in interview, and details on career opportunities and what they can offer.
    • Structure, which should give you an idea of how far up the ladder you can go.
    • Locations around the world (this will give you a flavour of how much you'll need to cross-barriers e.g. talking to people in other languages, time-scales and cultural differences).
    • Products and services, so that you can talk about them in an interview
    • Annual review and accounts. Is the organisation healthy?
    • Some organisations have a chat room, enabling you to chat to employees to find out more the company.

  2. Any brochures the organisation produces
    What messages do these give out? Do they talk of winners, coming first, the best, being the number one choice? Read the language and read between the lines.

  3. Going into the company itself.
    What sort of feeling do you get walking through the door? How do people look as they pass through the building? Is there a nice buzz, or is it very stiff and staid? Is the reception area nicely laid out with a welcoming tone? Will you feel happy walking into the building every Monday?

  4. Use your network.
    What information can people known to your network give you on the company? Do they know anyone who works there that you could talk to?

  5. Research the sector.
    This is especially helpful if you're moving into a new sector, because it will help you determine how much interest it holds for you.
    • Find out what the speak is, especially if you're moving to a new company.
    • How will the culture differ? Will it fit your personality? Will you fit in? Different sectors have their own culture, ways of behaviour and dressing. Some are more 'toe the line' than others.
    • What place does the company have in the industry or sector it's in? Is it a highly respected top runner, or is it lagging behind?

  6. Know what's important to you.
    If you haven't done your homework on what you want and what's important to you, you won't know what you're looking for.

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