How To Improve Self Confidence At Work

Low self-confidence in any area of your life can be debilitating, but at work, where we spend so much of our day and invest so much of our energy, low self-confidence can make life miserable. This article outlines the main causes of low self-confidence at work and ways in which it is possible address them, so that you can become a happier, more fulfilled person.

By C D Mohatta

Work can be turned into a pain for so many reasons: colleague problems, boss problems, low job satisfaction, limited promotion chances, insufficient salary…the list is probably endless. Some of us are very frustrated with our jobs and are endlessly looking for a change in job. But this job change may not always help. The new company may just have a different set of problems. So, it’s worth considering the issues that trouble us at work:


Skill at whatever we do is the most important factor in any job. If you have lower skill levels, you cannot compensate that with anything else. You will have to become more skillful by joining some courses, teaching yourself, learning from an expert or re-profiling yourself. Get yourself tested again for your aptitude and decide if you wish to continue doing the same work or change to any other. For example, you may be working as a content writer in a website company. If you think that you can do better with website design, shift to that. Find out your true skill and improve that everyday. This is the first key.

Working with people is the toughest job. A person may be very happy working alone. Put him or her with a team and you may find that the team is going in different directions. The team members may not be working best with each other. Differences in temperament, working style, skill levels and ego as well as communication gaps and many other such factors make a team bad to work in. Therefore, you will have to look at all the problems you are having with your co-workers and decide about who is creating them. For some of them, you may be responsible. Change that immediately. Join a course in communication and conflict resolution. Understand how to avoid conflict and work as a team. This will pay you very big dividends.

Employer or Manager
Unless you are sure that you cannot work with your employer or manager, you have no choice but to work under them. You may have to forget some differences and fall into line to create a smooth working partnership. You may have many issues with your boss – but so does he or she.

Try to improve yourself in the above three key areas and you will find your confidence increasing at your work – and with it, your happiness.

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