How to remember names


How to remember names

A person's name is very important to them. Not many of us share the ability to retain names and in truth, it is more common to forget.

Unfortunately, failure to connect a name and a face can cost you a pleasant friendship or lucrative business opportunity and tends to be a very embarrassing situation to be in.

A few practical rules can be used with great success. They require concentrated effort and practice but they work:

  • When you are introduced to someone, get the name clearly
    If your host mumbles their name so you are unable to hear it clearly, don't hesitate to ask the person who is being introduced what his name is. (But don't ask the host as he may have forgotten it – hence the reason for the mumble). The guest won't mind repeating the name correctly

  • Give the name a chance to sink into your mind.
    Repeat the name aloud a couple of times in the ensuing conversation until is has registered

  • Get the face at the same time as getting the name
    Look at the person carefully. The following technique can be used here:
    • Start at the top with the hair – round, oval, thin, heavy?

    • Note the color of the eyes

    • Note the shape of the features

    • It is amazing how sharp the image will be and how long it will remain with you.

  • Cement the name and face together
    Try to make a mental picture. Some names can be associated with their business: a contractor may be named Mr Bridges. Picture a Mr Butler as a butler.

    Make up rhymes as memory props – Mr Ross sat on some moss. By some psychological phenomenon it will stick with you for years.

    Paint a picture in your mind of the person doing something that reminds you of his name.

    It may seem silly but don't forget – you are the only one who knows you are using it – and you shouldn't forget any more names in the future.

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