Meeting Solutions for effective meetings
Meeting solutions for effective meetings Verizon Business is one of the world's largest providers of conferencing services and has been providing conferencing services since 1996. With more than 20 million customers and presence in 65 countries around the world, Verizon Business is a leader in business and residential communication services. Our products include Audio, Video and Net Conferencing which help organisations worldwide to meet more productively and efficiently allowing customers to take advantage of multimedia, interactive real-time communications to enhance their daily workflows.

Verizon Conferencing provides collaborative tools that allow you to achieve more with less! Meetings conducted via conferencing can improve your productivity, enhance your collaboration with colleagues and help you make faster decisions, allowing you to meet with your colleagues, customers and business contacts more quickly and efficiently.
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Net Conferencing Comes of Age
Netconferencing comes of age Business travel is no longer the first choice, nor the only choice. Busy professionals are becoming smarter about how to communicate and conduct business globally. Indeed, we are entering a new era of communications-one in which we are no longer bound by the limitations of time and location-changing the very nature of how we work.
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Learn More – Take the BTU course on Net Conferencing
Learn More – Take the BTU course on Net Conferencing Do you want to learn how to have smarter, more productive meetings? Do you want to get more out of meeting attendees by using virtual tools and features that really make your meetings work harder for you? Yes? Let Verizon Business, as a leading provider of Conferencing services, introduce you to one of our BreakTime University courses that will show you how using Verizon Net Conferencing can help you host smarter, more interactive and intelligent meetings!
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There's a better way of doing business that allows you or your boss to meet with colleagues around the office or across the world without leaving your desk.

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  Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls
Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls! for all your virtual meeting dilemmas:
Booking an Audio Conference call
Maximise from your Net Conference
Be a Video Conferencing master

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