How to Create an Interview Schedule

The following is an interview schedule template.

Company Logo

Interview Schedule

Name of Applicant
Position:  Job Title
Conference Room:  Insert name or room number


Time               Person Interviewing, and title  (sample short interview)

9:00 a.m.        Jane Plan, Human Resources Director  

9:30 am          Bob Manager, Executive Manager

10:00 am        Sally Director, Director of Operations

Annual Report
Company Brochure
Overview of Benefits
Applicant survey
Insert your hiring information if any, benefits, company overview, annual report, application, etc list them.
Copy each person the applicant is interviewing with and include the applicant's resume and cover letter.
  • Make sure you include the title of each person the candidate is meeting with.  This gives the candidate an idea of who they are talking with.
  • With the interview schedule, include company literature and any paperwork the candidate will need to fill out.
  • When distributing the schedule make a copy for each person on the list and include the candidates resume.

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