30 Fun Facts about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

1.      With 446 bridges, Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world.  
2.      Pittsburgh is great for stair climbing!  It has 712 sets of steps that combined climb 25,108 vertical feet.
3.      Those who grew up with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood television show may have not known it was filmed in Pittsburgh.   
4.      The stars on the Steelers’ logo aren’t stars at all.  They are hypocycloids!!   
5.      The airport region of Pittsburgh has over 20 quality hotels!   
6.      Pittsburgh is a 90 minute drive for half of North America and a 6 hour or less drive from 9 states!    
7.      Thinking of having a meeting in Pittsburgh?  Get a visitor’s guide from Visit Pittsburgh.    
8.      Zagat named Pittsburgh the TOP food city of 2015!  Yum!    
9.      Pittsburgh has 90 different neighborhoods.    
10.    Many movies have been shot in Pittsburgh.  Retweet ones you have seen!   
11.    The tallest building in Pittsburgh is the 64-story U.S. Steel Tower, which stands 841 feet high.   
12.    By 1911, Pittsburgh was producing half the nation's steel.   
13.    Pittsburgh International Airport is ranked among the Top 10 airports in the U.S. by readers of Conde Nast Traveler.    
14.    The polio vaccination was invented at the University of Pittsburgh by Dr. Jonas Salk.    
15.    Pittsburgh started out with the h, then changed to Pittsburg, and back again to Pittsburgh in 1911.    
16.    VisitPittsburgh has NINE welcome centers in the Greater Pittsburgh area.   
17.    Kid in you like ferris wheels?  First ferris wheel was erected in Pittsburgh!
18.    On the T system, rides between Downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore are free.
19.    Pittsburgh accents and dialect are known as Pittsburghese.  J’eet? = Did you eat?    
20.    Emoticons were created in Pittsburgh by a Carnegie Mellon University researcher.   
21.    Pittsburgh has 24 miles of riverfront trails.    
22.    3.9 million people visit Pittsburgh annually, making travel a $2.2 billion industry.    
23.   The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Superbowls in the NFL.   
24.   The David L Lawrence Convention center is the world's first convention center built Gold LEED Certified.   
25.   Bingo was created in Pittsburgh in the 1920s!  B I N G O-32!    
26.   A Pittsburgh salad is a salad topped with French fries!     
27.   Conde Nast Traveler ranks Pittsburgh’s Hotel Monaco, #2 and the Omni William Penn Hotel, #12 among the top hotels in the Mid-Atlantic region.   
28.   The Pittsburgh Pirates played in the first World Series in 1903.  Sadly, they lost to the Boston Americans.   
29.   The first smiley J was used/created at Carnegie Mellon University in 1982.   
30.   Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania.