When different people work together, their working styles can sometimes prevent them from being optimally productive. When this happens, both parties suffer and so does the productivity of the company for which they work. While it may feel like this type of situation is a complete impasse, by identifying and analyzing your working style and that of your bosses, you can turn the situation around and create a scenario in which you and your bosses work together effectively.

1.    Figure out your own strengths and weaknesses
Be harsh and objective with yourself. Make sure that your strengths are real, tangible assets that you can put your finger on. For example, if you are a “people person” then you need to be able to explain what that means and why it helps you do your job better. Be equally clear with the weaknesses. Once you have identified a problem, clearly state why it negatively affects your working style.

2.    Target the strengths of your bosses
If you are lucky enough to have bosses that will do this exercise series with you, that is great. However, not everyone will be amenable or receptive to scrutiny and “coaching” from an employee. You may have to do this on your own. This is why with your bosses, you need to target strengths that you can work with. You may not have the option of changing their behavior, but rather working in such a way that you all become more productive.

3.    Be ready to adapt.
Identifying your working styles is just the first step. Once you have a list of strengths and weaknesses, you have to be ready to make those strengths and weaknesses fit together. And, because you are working with people in supervisory roles, be ready to do the majority of the adapting.

Remember, in the end, the goal is not to say who is better. The ultimate goal is to achieve better, higher quality work on a more productive level. The end result is what matters, no who adjusts in the process.