By Dr. Carolee Duckworth

The idea of working online is entering the minds of more and more people as times change, work changes, family aspirations change, and even as the cost of gasoline changes. Has it been in the back of your mind too that someday you would really rather work online? Or perhaps you are a person who actually needs to work online due to physical or family restrictions, or even due to scheduling needs and preferences.


This article outlines five good reasons to make your move now towards taking advantage of the "global" opportunities of the work online movement.


Geography No Longer Matters to Our Modern Day Work Force

New opportunities to find work online have changed the way the "global" workforce approaches finding a job to earn an income for their families. Historically, every culture in the civilized world has been isolated from each other by location. The only people you worked with, were the people you saw everyday who lived relatively close to you. Work was based on geography, and a person's ability to commute back and forth to their job within their town or city.


Innovations in transportation have given the average employee the ability to commute further and further away from their homes. Regardless, the various peoples of the world have historically been restricted to working with their neighbors and townsfolk.


Tremendous Job Opportunities Await You In Today's "Global" Market Place

Technological innovations and the creation of the World Wide Web have had a game-changing effect on the way people approach earning money. New online technology has increased data throughput, allowing more data to be sent back and forth faster. This has revolutionized the way the world communicates and works.


No longer are people restricted to their towns or cities, or to working with their neighbors and townspeople. Now, people of every culture, from all over the world, work together on a day-to-day basis, as though they were sitting right next to a coworker in an office. The only difference is your coworker lives halfway around the world!

And the variety and number of opportunities is growing at a breakneck pace.


Our Work "Roles" Are Changing

The variety and quantity of work online opportunities that are now available to anyone who has a computer and a connection to the Internet is astounding. People from all walks of life have the ability to "reinvent" themselves into anything they want to be. Anyone, with any background, can sharpen their skills and pursue new careers in a whole new direction in life, despite their "geographical" handicaps.


Increasing Numbers of Employers Need To "Outsource" Work To Cut Their Expenses

Because of our economy's current difficulties, we've seen the downfall of corporate icons that we once thought to be "untouchable" because of their deeply established roots, and sometimes even a seeming dominance in their respective industries. More and more companies are tightening their belts to cut expenses in a desperate attempt to do anything to survive.


Serious attention and energy are being invested in finding ways to outsource tasks to people who can work online from their homes. Telecommuting online has become a legitimate, viable, and stable way for people to provide for their families.


The advantages to businesses when they hire "outsourced" independent contractors are significant. Among the cost savings for businesses are the expenses of office square footage, utilities, benefits and office equipment.


An independent contractor brings more to the table to "sweeten the deal" than a traditional employee who shows up to work "empty-handed," with only their skill set to contribute to the arrangement. Independent contractors provide their own office, and all their own communication and computer equipment-- computers, telephones with long-distance, fax machines, scanners, and printers all are now provided by home-based "telecommuters" who are working their jobs online, remotely, from home.


This Means You Now Can Get Set and Get Going, Working Online

For you, the aspiring online employee, this means you are now able to shed the burden, time and expense of a daily commute, as well as to gain flexibility in your work schedule, and eliminate the daily need to "dress to impress."


Additionally, you now will participate as a member of a growing global workforce. With the right skill set and office setup, you will have the potential to gain employment by any company in the world, so long as you speak the language.


While it doesn't take much to get up and running on the Internet, there are a few basic essentials that you'll need in order to begin your work online. For example, you will need a quiet space for your office, a broadband Internet connection, a fairly current computer or laptop, a printer, and possibly a hard-line phone.

But the leverage and benefits you will receive for making the transition to working online can certainly prove rewarding, immediately and into the future.


Dr. Carolee Duckworth is an online work expert, earning her own living online for 12 years & teaching 1000s of others how. She designed and initiated significant work advancement for tens of thousands of working adults since 1996.


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