Top Techy Tips from Paul Pennant - Managing Director and lead trainer for Today‘s PA
Today’s PA is the biggest news in Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant and Office Professional training, thanks to the inspirational vision and leadership of the company’s founder, Paul Pennant, himself one of those rarities - even today: a male former executive PA. Paul's wide communications experience really helps his students engage in what he teaches whether it be assertiveness, time management, presentation or IT skills. 

Here Paul shares with us some more of his favourite IT tips. Watch out for more coming next month! 

Sending red emails
a)      Compose email
b)      Press “follow up” icon on ribbon
c)      Tick “flag for recipient” and “reminder”
CHANGE case with Shift + F3
Press W in PowerPoint to make screen white (in slideshow view)
Windows 7
Windows key + d to go to desktop.
Internet Explorer
Press deskdemon + ctrl + enter to enter
Get home from anywhere. Ctrl + home

Fun One - Google
Type “google pacman” and “I’m feeling lucky”

So, have you tried any of these - or the ones we published last month? What are your favourite IT tips?

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