By Ricardo Lumbardo

A large number of prospective employees and job seekers today turn towards resume building social sites. These are online resources that can help you create outstanding social media and traditional resumes. They also allow you to create a profile, edit resumes easily, print, share and have resumes reviewed by industry experts. Given below is a list of the top 10 such websites offering these services:

1. Razume - A great service that you can benefit from is Razume. It allows job seekers to easily build a strong resume, polish it and get feedback from its community of reviewers.

2. LinkedIn - This particular website is definitely not new to most people. It is a combination of moving database, reference document, cover letter and resume in one. It also allows you to receive endorsements and reviews for past work and add many applications.

3. Emurse - This particular online service allows users to create, store and share the resume online for free. Resumes can also have unique URLs while users can see which employers have viewed their resume in the past along with the necessary graphs and statistics.

4. Xing - Xing is a well known resume building social network with more than 7 million users. Other than allowing users to create a professional profile, it also allows solid networking with more than 22,000 networking events and groups.

5. ResumeBucket - This social service allows users to post their resumes online quickly. Users have a unique URL. Resumes can also be shared with others through most social networking and social bookmarking sites.

6. ResumeSocia - This social resume online community is much like Razume. Users can build their professional resumes and get comments and feedback from community users. Cover letters can also be shared with others.

7. Gigtide - This website allows users to create, manage, track and publish resumes, cover letters and contacts. Users can also use the resume templates available on the website and create social media resumes including sharing, direct links, video and image functionality.

8. Howtowritearesume - This particular website allows users to create professional looking resumes through a unique phrase builder technology which can be used for achievement statements, qualifications and headlines. The single click formatting feature can format resumes automatically.

9. Ziggs - This particular online service allows you to market and manage your brand online. You can create and manage your profile and get alerted every time your resume is viewed by a recruiter.

Through these resume building social sites, job seekers can easily build, manage and edit their resumes.

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