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This month we continue our feature on time management. And we're focusing on 'management' – from managing the ideal meeting to managing your company's petty cash. To help you save time and improve your efficiency we've included some templates and schedules to ensure you're always in control.

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Managing meetings

Discover how to efficiently plan and focus a meeting, so those attending it don't go away wishing they had done something better with their time.

Managing holiday leave

Holiday leave can cause huge stress in an office. – from planning leave to finding the right type of cover. Discover how to take the pain out of the entire process.

Managing office travel

Managing someone else's travel arrangements can be even more problematic – especially if it's your boss! Here are some top tips to smooth the entire process.

Managing office money

Managing petty cash can't just be done on a 'casual' basis. Discover how to efficiently keep control on those pennies and pounds before they 'just disappear'.

Building a work portfolio

Managing your own career should be your top priority. Discover the latest way to present your skills and market yourself in today's competitive marketplace.

Using online travel resources

There's a wealth of travel resources out their on the web. Here's a quick overview of the top sites that help make planning 'company travel' a whole lot easier.

Free Templates   …They're colourful, they're clever, and they're free!
Meeting agenda

Use the meeting agenda to think of every eventuality and avoid any mishap that might remotely occur.

Petty Cash Voucher

Essential for keeping control of all money leaving petty cash.

Travel Request Form

Use the travel request form to quickly find out the needs and preferences of the company employees who are travelling.

sheet

Use the sign-in sheet to document meeting attendance and know clearly in advance the roles of everyone attending.

Petty Cash Record Book

Use this spreadsheet to record each occasion that money is given out and analyse how the money is being spent.

Travel Booking Preferences

Keep track of preferences and key information of regular travellers with this 'intelligence' database.

Minutes action sheet

Vitally important for keeping track of all the vital tasks allocated during the meeting.

Expenses Sheet

Help your employees keep track of expenses which are inappropriate for petty cash but need to be reimbursed.

Travel Itinerary

Use this chronological checklist to help organise each step of trip.

Company-wide holiday chart

Plan-ahead and organise all data and information with this chart, so the entire office is aware of everyone's leave status.

Portfolio Contents

Use this checklist of typical portfolio contents to help create your own unique work portfolio.

Travel Checklist

The ultimate checklist to ensure all key angles are covered when you are putting a travel package together for a company employee.

Creating a Portfolio

Use this checklist to see how a work portfolio might benefit you and to discover how to create one without much difficulty.


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