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4 Tips for Everyday Google Doc Users Google Docs are used today by a wide range of users - from students to businesses and many in between. Those who rely heavily on it for different reasons will find the following tips very useful. If you are one of them, read on! More
Recycling at Work The workplace generates a lot of waste. No matter whether you work in an office, warehouse, factory or outside, waste is a natural by-product of nearly every occupation.? A lot of what we throw away when we are at work, however, can be recycled and it is increasingly important that we think abut the environment when we are at work - especially considering the amount of time many of us spend there.? Here are some simple recycling? tips that can make a big difference. More
Answering Common Questions About Cloud Computing You might have heard a lot about cloud computing, but what is it really? Cloud computing refers to being able to access infrastructure, software, and data from servers not located on your own network. It involves accessing computers and networks located at a cloud service company. As far as your users are concerned, their data and programs come down to their desk from this cloud. It is a great option for companies that are just getting started. More
Office Gossip and How to Handle It It is a fact of life, and a basic part of human nature that "people will talk." And not only will they talk about the weather, their meals and their daily lives, they will also talk about you ? and everyone else in a 10 mile radius, most likely. While office gossip is not a pleasant fact of life, it is something that you will have to deal with as an administrative assistant if you work on-site.

More Techy Tips from Paul Pennant Tips to make our lives easier - we all love them. We spoke to Paul Pennant - Managing Director and lead trainer for Today's PA www.todaysPA.co.uk - to see if he could share some more of his favorite IT tips. And guess what - he did!

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Secure Backup Got Protection?
Be responsible. Provide your business with a true sense of security. Answer the question "Got protection?" with a confident, resounding "Yes!" When it comes to protecting your business from a data-loss disaster, you need to consider the advantages that a secure online backup service provides. more…

Shock - E-MailDOH!' - Survey Reveals Worst E-Mail Mistakes Made on the Job
Most professionals have experienced at least one cringe-inducing moment after they’ve hit “send” when sending out an email. Here are some email faux pas and some tips on how to avoid those cringe-inducing moments!     more…

CDsCreating A Software Library
Every business uses computer software. But not every business realizes the importance of having a user friendly software library for cataloging all their software.     more…

Admin using DesktopCombat "Screen Boredom" with an Active Desktop Calendar
Active desktop calendars help you stay organized and can brighten your day too, with the inspiring images of your choice. By customizing our desktop we can reduce "screen boredom".     more…

PA with Office ProfessionalsPowerPoint 2007: Editing Your Photos
PowerPoint 2007 is incredibly versatile and you can use it as a photo editor as well as a slideshow maker. Discover how to improve the quality and impact of your presentation. more…

Business WomanCleaning Your Computer Desktop
Is your computer slow to boot up? Does it take forever for the desktop to load? Fortunately, simply by putting everything on your desktop in a folder, or several folders, you can remove that confusing clutter and speed up your PC.     more…
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Secure Backup
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