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How to Recognize Your Working Style and that of Your Bosses When different people work together, their working styles can sometimes prevent them from being optimally productive. When this happens, both parties suffer and so does the productivity of the company for which they work. By identifying and analyzing your working style and that of your bosses, you can turn the situation around and create a scenario in which you and your bosses work together effectively. More
Five Things Most Hiring Managers Won't Tell You What's going through a hiring manager's mind during an employment interview? The answer may surprise even the most experienced applicants. OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled administrative professionals, has identified five things every job seeker should know about the interview process from the employer's point of view and offers tips addressing each one. More
The Art of Professional Self-Assessment Typically job seekers start their search in the middle by drafting a resume, simply listing all their experiences in reverse chronological order. But a resume needs to be more than just a laundry list of your education, employers and job titles. A resume is a sales document; it is your marketing brochure. To ensure you design an effective one you have to know what you have to sell AND you have to understand whom your target audience is and what they are willing to buy. More
What Workers Want Work/Life Balance, Learning Opportunities Have Greatest Impact on Job Satisfaction

Want to know the way to an employee?s heart? Professionals interviewed by OfficeTeam identified work/life balance (28 percent) and opportunities to learn and grow (27 percent) as the top contributors to their job satisfaction. The results are in line with those from a similar survey in which managers were asked about the factors most tied to employee morale. More
Top Resume Building Social Sites A large number of prospective employees and job seekers today turn towards resume building social sites. These are online resources that can help you create outstanding social media and traditional resumes. They also allow you to create a profile, edit resumes easily, print, share and have resumes reviewed by industry experts. Given below is a list of the top 10 such websites offering these services: More
Myths And Mysteries Of Taking Minutes Minute taking has changed over the years. The requirements and expectations of the 21st century are very different from the expectations even 10, but certainly 20 and 30 years ago. Here are some points for you to consider about minutes and taking minutes. More
Make Your Job Doable Very few people thoughtfully manage the scope of their job. I suggest you do.

Reframe the criteria for success

There's no shortage of ways to view your job. At a minimum, there's what you think you're supposed to be doing, what your boss thinks, what your team thinks, and your by-now-buried job description. Chances are, these four views of your job are all different. Even worse, none of them may be doable.

Seven Tips for Women in Leadership Roles   If you are a woman in a corporate business environment, you aren't alone. In fact, more women are joining major corporations every day. However, if you have a leadership role in that business environment, you are definitely in the minority.

It can be a daunting task trying to manage your team, especially if that team happens to consist mainly of men. So, here are some quick tips to help you gain the upper hand:

Day in the Life of an Office Manager We have day in the life interviews. This time we have the actual day in the life of an office manager and the tasks that are handled though out the day. Though we all know, no two days are the same, you can compare how your day matches up to one office manager's day. More
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Do You Know How to Keep Your Name Off the Layoff List? It's Not Just About Your Expertise
In spite of the continued layoffs, there are some professionals whose names will never be on the layoff list. Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc. offers her advice to keep your name off the layoff list. more…

PAInterview & Meeting First Impressions
Whether you are going to a conference or meeting with a new client, making a lasting first impression is important. These tips can help you make a great first impression.     more…

PANoise in the Office Can Cause Stress
Noise can be an irritant and the underlying cause of stress. According to a study low-level noise in open-style offices result in higher levels of stress and lower task motivation.     more…

PAWant More Respect at Work? © 2008
Discover a simple technique for gaining more respect so you can get your needs met and enjoy your life much more. Turn anger, fear, and other negative emotions into peace and confidence.     more…

Executive happy10 Tips for Reading People and Interpreting Gestures
Reading people and their body language can give you great insights into their true feeling. Here are 10 tips for reading people and helping you interpret body language and gestures.     more…
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